Fresh New Beginnings

I am so excited about the New Year for Virtual Administrative Assisting. So many positive things have already happened and I cannot even begin to image how it will end…if this keeps up! πŸ˜‰

Like most businesses, the new year is about taking in all the experiences -the good and the bad, and planning out how you want to grow from those experiences.

And since I started well past the middle of 2012, I don’t have tons of experiences to go by but those I do have I will take in with extreme care and speculation as to how they will encourage my growth for 2013.

One lovely lady, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, I have been watching, as she grows her business, has inspired me to go all out in 2013 and I cannot wait to share with you all the new opportunities and challenges Virtual Administrative Assisting will face in the coming months.

Right now I am working on developing a website, which is why this blog has been slightly set to the side as of the late, but hang in there with me! This is my first milestone of the year to accomplish and hopefully it will launch by the end of February!

Stay tuned for more VAA goals and accomplishments for the new year…

What’s your #1 goal to accomplish this year? Share in the comments below!


About OliviaOHara
Olivia O'Hara Solutions makes me a WAHM & entrepreneur with online marketing, website design, biz automation and more. When I am not working away on my Mac, I enjoy running, movies, making jewlery and being outdoors with my family- particualrly in the summer! Working from home positions me to create a business around my family's lifestyle and not fit them into my career.

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