The Author-

Olivia is an experienced jewelry designer, virtual administrative assistant, wife and dedicated mother of two. She has been a successful jewelry designer and small business owner selling handcrafted jewelry in her local area and through marketing online. But, Olivia is now working as a Virtual Assistant while staying at home with her two children. By making her children a priority during their years at home, she also wanted to feel like she was contributing more to society than just another generation. She wants to actually make a difference in the online and small business environment, by assisting others with the administrative aspect their business to allow online businesses to have more time and flexibility to run their business with ease.

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The Business-

With administration experience and a passion to support small business owners, Olivia is determined to help others reach success by performing tasks that don’t need you doing them. As a small business owner, she understands that there are many aspects of business that can become challenging and overwhelming, which result in being put off to the last possible minute or not getting done at all. Virtual Assistants offer efficient solutions for many businesses today because of the increasing ability to manage via internet provided tools, programs, and communications.

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The Blog-

The Virtual Administrative Assisting blog is designed for other aspiring small business owners and virtual assistants to have access to relevant knowledge about VA’s, resources to better their start up success, and efficient hiring of their own personal Virtual Administrative Assistant. Find even more helpful resources here

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